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 Switching to Office 365

This is a checklist of the things that need to be done to convert email services from iEditWeb to Office 365. Remember, iEditWeb Inc.™ is a Silver Small and Midmarket Solutions provider so we can make this change for you. In some cases its desirable to have the IT shop that maintains your onsite network, computers and firewalls set up office 365. If this is the case, please make sure they read this page before proceeding to make the switch as smooth as possible. 

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Before you switch your email services to Office 365, read this page. If you are not having iEditWeb, Inc.™ set this up for you, it's important that you have your IT (Information Services) person read through this to make the transition as smooth as possible. This document can be very technical which means it's important that the person making the change understands this. The end user does not need to understand it but reading thought it may provide some insight. This document is a bit abstract and high level since the details may vary form one customer to the next. Its the responsibility of the person making the switch to know the details.

Some experienced IT people with find most of this checklist obvious and redundant but please bear with it and study it closely because some of the details are especially important working with our systems.
  1. One day or more before the conversion, have an iEditWeb, Inc. support or sales staff set up a special administration email account that uses the ieditweb.com domain on our system so the IT person can make the changes outlined here. Its also a good idea to check if we have engineer available when you make the change in case there are questions or problems. A normal after hours emergency call can cost $400.00 an hour if we need to call technical staff in during their time off.

  2. One day before the conversion, log into myeditweb.com with the newly created administration email account and set the TTL value for all MX records to 300 (5 minutes).

  3. Backup the email, contact and calendar information for each email account to be converted. For instance, if the mail client is Outlook, back up all folders to a PST file.

  4. Remove the email configuration for the old email accounts from any email clients.

  5. Use the Microsoft Portal to add the domain name to be used.

  6. Microsoft will require that a TXT record is added to the domain being used. Log into myeditweb.com using the account set up in step one. Click on DNS Administration to add the TXT record.

  7. Wait at least 5 minutes, then have Microsoft verify the domain.

  8. Continue the domain setup process at Microsoft. Microsoft will provide a list of DNS records you must create for the domain. Again, using the DNS Administration page add these records. Be sure to remove all previous configured MX records. The SRV record that Microsoft lists will have the name split into two parts. For instance, in one case, they will list _sip and _tls as two separate fields. In our system, you enter these as _sip._tls into the name field.

  9. Wait at least 5 minutes, then have Microsoft verify the domain.

  10. Now use the myeditweb.com site and find Email Account Management. Use this page to remove all email accounts using the domain you are setting up. DO NOT REMOVE the administration email account you are using to log into myeditweb.com. IF YOU DON'T REMOVE THESE ACCOUNTS, email coming from the iEditWeb servers will not be delivered.

  11. You can now add the email accounts using the Microsoft web site.

  12. Add the email account configurations for Office 365 to the customer email clients.

  13. Import the message, contacts and calendar that was saved in step 3.

  14. Email that came in between the completion of step 3 and step 11 will either bounce or be lost. Please choose and appropriate time for this conversion to reduce the risk of losing important email. We typically do this after business hours of Friday or over the weekend. Even though this procedure attempts to reduce TTL to 5 minutes, any mistakes in the process could delay propagation, There are also some DNS server on the Internet that don't honor the TTL properly. That's why it make sense to do this switch over on Friday so  rough name servers have the whole weekend to get it right.

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